HDLive Ultrasound

First Glimpse Ultrasound is happy to provide the latest and most advanced in ultrasound technology with GE's HDLive ultrasound capability! 

HDLive is the newest and best technology produced by GE's most recent development using the Voluson E8 2013 equipment.  Like 3D and 4D Live, you are able to see features of your baby but incredibly true to life with exceptional anatomical realism! HDLive uses a virtual light source, a digital flashlight, by adding shadows and light reflection to create a deeper and more refined image.  *Does not emit actual light. It is a software feature only.*

HDLive does not use a stronger or higher ultrasound strength to obtain images and video, but rather advanced software to create realistic images.  We only use our equipment in OB mode set below the recommended allowances by the FDA. 

This new technology also affords us the best quality standard 3D/4D imaging capabilities.

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