Who We Are

Family Friendly Warm Environment

At First Glimpse Ultrasound, we wanted our families to come and feel comfortable with the truly unique experience they were to have here and so we designed the atmosphere as we did our home. We welcome families and friends into our studio where they can come experience a first glimpse at a miracle in progress and how truly beautiful babies already are.


Meet Our Staff

First Glimpse Ultrasound is owned and operated by Shery, mother of 3 boys, and a Tucson native.  She loves bringing the miracle of 3D/4D/HD ultrasound, early gender determination, and prenatal bonding to the growing families of Arizona. Shery has been doing scans since 2007 and has seen more than 22,000 babies!

Corie is our manager and is a very outgoing person. She loves being a wife and mother to five children. Family is very important to Corie. She loves camping, riding her bike, and playing sports with her children and husband. She is a native to Arizona, originally from Mesa, and is enjoying being in Tucson. She is excited to be able to get that amazing First Glimpse of your baby before they are born. Corie has a keen eye for 3D/HD imaging and strives to get the best images around. 



Our Equipment

We use only GE ultrasound products. Currently we use the GE E8 Expert in order to provide the highest quality 3D/4D and now the NEW HDLive. The images we can provide you are the clearest 2D, 3D and 4D around compared to others.  The EXPERT has faster volume scans at 40 scans per second providing the best 4D live video available. Compare this to the 16 volume scans of the PRO. The equipment we use is always used in OB mode so the ultrasound is not higher or stronger than the recommended allowances set by the FDA.