At First Glimpse Ultrasound we aim to provide you with the very best 3D/4D ultrasound experience in Arizona. We understand babies and pregnancies are each unique in their own way. Sometimes the baby faces towards the mother's back, the fluid isn't very clear or there are hands and/or feet in front of the baby's face, just to name a few. If your baby does not cooperate during your session we will bring you back again once at no additional cost to you. Rescans vary from 5-15 minutes and are done within 10 days of original appointment. Any additional rescans will only be $30. Must be within recommended gestational age for package.

We also offer a money back guarantee on our Gender Determinations. We are NOT wrong, so we are willing to offer you this guarantee: If we tell you the wrong gender after 13 weeks gestation, we will refund your money or offer you a free 3D/4D ultrasound later in pregnancy. We first will provide you with a recheck to confirm the gender.

SneakPeek Clinical guarantees their DNA gender test with 100% accuracy and backs it with a money back guarantee.  

Please contact our office in the event of an error.  

**If we are able to tell you the gender with certainty but you have your own doubts, we are happy to look again for a recheck fee of $39.  If we were wrong, this too will be refunded. **